Always start your cleanse within 24 hours of receiving, due to the raw nature of the product you must consume immediately.

Before the Cleanse

One week before your cleanse, stop drinking alcohol & limit your soda and caffeine intake.

Start removing all processed food from your cupboards and cleaning out your freezer and “junk food” drawer.

Start to hydrate with lots of water and herbal tea.

I like to schedule some pampering with body treatments to reward myself for all the good I’m doing for my body.

Finding a friend to juice with is an amazing opportunity to bond and have someone to lean on during cravings.

Keeping a blog on your progress and how you are feeling can always help as well!

During the Cleanse

Juices must stay refrigerated.

Cold pressed juices must be kept cold due to the live cultures.

The program is all designed to cleanse each organ in a safe and efficient way.

Steps to your cleanse

Each juice is numbered 1-6 to simplify your cleansing process.

You should drink a juice every two hours.

* The last bottle should be consumed one to two hours before you go to bed.

Feel free to drink all the water and herbal tea you can!

Post Cleanse

Slowly start back with juices, soups and move onto RAW food.

We also offer a program of RAW foods to help you progress after a cleanse.

No meat or fried foods for a couple of weeks. Your body has gotten use to working optimally and it will be slowed down with things that are harder to digest.

Depending on your cleanse, we would be happy to design a follow-up program for you.

Stay healthy and focused on a longer, stronger, sexier life!

Side Notes

Cheating with alcohol and food can actually make you sick during a cleanse so try to stay focused and free your schedule of parties and dining engagements. Skin brushing, colonics, massages, and steams are all helpful during the cleanse.