Chef Anna Harouvis is a raw foods Chef, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She's as real and as authentic as they come -- staying true to herself is one of her most important values. She puts the quality of her products and her love for the people she gets to serve over the business side of things. As a strong figure in the community, Anna is involved in local and national charities. In her own words, "I believe we share this Earth and it's our job to be there for each other. A stronger community means a happier, better place for everyone who lives in it."

Anna grew up in the kitchen, watching her Greek immigrant grandmother preparing  dinners. It wasn’t long before she had mastered the family recipes. “Cooking is what we did in our family,” says Chef Anna Harouvis, “when other kids were going out to play after school, I was making dinner for my brothers.” After spending time studying in NYC, Chef Anna came back home to Cleveland.  She opened her first cafe Mardi Gras Deli in 1995.  When her lease was up, she was asked to come join IMG in their cafe at 1360 East 9th Street and has been there since 2001. 

Her father, who owned and operated The London Bar and Grill  which was once located in downtown Cleveland across from Public Square, taught Anna about the food industry and how to run a business. Her best friend, first mentor and father passed away from battling cancer and was sadly taken by a massive heart attack at Sleepy Hallow on the golf course playing the sport he loved in 1997.  When she opened Good to Go Cafe, she decided to make her legacy about extending other loved ones lives so they would never experience the pain she did so suddenly.  She started making raw food and juicing even back then, before it was considered a trend or cool.  

Anna says, "When his heart stopped a piece of mine died forever.  If I can make any legacy to remember his sacrifices, it's to extend the lives of all your loved ones.  I can't think of a better memory for him.  He was such a lover of Cleveland Sport teams that when ever I drop juices off, I giggle knowing he would be so impressed and proud, and really talk their ear off."  Gregory Harouvis, known as LeRoy, seemed to pass on his humble approach to celebrity clients.  He had Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth and numerous athletes come in and visiting bands that felt comfortable to just be treated like anyone else.  He once told Anna that The Who came in and he bought them dinner because "he thought they were nice chaps who just came over looking for work."  She has carried that same loving approach to each client she meets and immediately hugs.  

For the past 18 years, Anna has owned and operated Good To Go Cafe located in the IMG Building in downtown Cleveland. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch utilizing local and organic food and caters to many health conscious businesses in the Greater Cleveland area.  Chef Anna maintains nutritious food and longevity as her company’s standard, listing the cities highest performing athletes like the Cleveland Cavaliers and The Cleveland Indians as her customers.

You can see more about what Anna is up to in the community, around Cleveland, and around the country over on the Anna in the News page