What makes Anna's juices and food different? 


Everywhere you turn, it seems like there is a juice bar, smoothies or someone selling you healthy eats. Anna in the Raw is the only chef designed juice and raw line in the country.  What does that mean?  We make it taste good!  So often people think drinking a green juice or eating healthy means loosing flavor and enjoyment.  Chef Anna has staged (worked for free on her vacations) to learn and to bring back new creative options.  It has become common for clients to suggest a place to travel to next because they love that cuisine. Her creations are so delicious that people often question if they are really healthy! 

We stand behind every product and if you don't enjoy it, we want to know! We know eating healthy can be more expensive than typical fast, casual food but we will always make it right. We value your investment into your health and will always find something you will enjoy. The more we embrace choosing healthy options, the more the global market may in turn offer better pricing and more options.  The change is up to us and many places will tag lifestyle but we think everyone can be a little healthier everyday.  Good to Go Cafe isn't an exclusive club but instead, Chef Anna runs her cafe as a big Greek Kitchen.  All are welcome always and it becomes an extended family.  You're always welcome to snag an Instagram worthy picture and we always think you're pretty cool just the way you are.  Being from the Blue Zone Island in Greece of Ikaria, she uses her traditional background as a way of treating the hungry stomach and heart. We believe being happy is being healthy no matter what your pant size is. 

Chef Anna's RAWBurger