Juice Cleanse

Before you buy a cleanse, you should know:

  • Start your cleanse within 24 hours of receiving your juices, as these items are raw and must stay fresh!
  • Juices must stay refrigerated.
  • Cold-pressed juices contain live cultures, which must always stay cold to stay fresh! The program is all designed to support each organ in a safe and efficient way while your body naturally cleanses itself.
  • Each juice is numbered 1-6 to simplify your cleansing process. You should drink a juice every two hours. The last bottle should be consumed one to two hours before you go to bed.
  • Feel free to add lots of water and herbal tea!

Before you start a cleanse:

● One week before your cleanse, stop drinking alcohol & limit your soda and caffeine intake.

● Start removing all processed food from your cupboards and cleaning out your freezer and “junk food” drawer. Not having the temptation will make your commitment to yourself easier to keep!

● Start to hydrate with lots of water and herbal tea (caffeine-free!).

● Consider adding some pampering during the time of your cleanse, as a time to reward yourself for the good you’re doing for your body! Get a manicure, a massage, a colonic, a steam in the sauna: something refreshing to keep you grounded in appreciating your body!

● Finding a friend to juice with is an amazing opportunity to bond and have someone to lean on during cravings.

While your doing a cleanse:

If you need to cheat on your cleanse, don’t worry, we aren’t tattling! If you find yourself needing a boost during your cleanse, don’t worry! Hunger is natural and not a reason to feel guilty during your cleanse! While we do recommend that you stick to just your juices if you are trying to lose weight, we’d never want you to suffer if the cravings get to be too much.

A few “cheat foods” that you can snack on:

● Raw nuts, whatever your preference, but not toasted or salted

● Raw veggies of any kind ○ Its very important that you do not eat raw fruit during your cleanse . Raw fruit takes longer to digest than vegetables and during a cleanse, fruits will boost your insulin levels too much, causing intense cravings, constipation, irritability and discomfort.

● Any non-caffeinated herbal teas

● Cold brew coffee (which is less acidic than drip coffee) 

The order of the juices is essential to the effectiveness of the cleanse and is key to your well-being. The juices are ordered to work with your body’s needs throughout the day, giving you energy throughout the day and soothing your body before bed at night. It is crucial that you do not skip juices or change the order they are assigned. If there is a juice that you don’t think you will like (for example, if beets aren’t your thing and the Apollo doesn’t sound like a juice you’ll want to drink), please let us know in advance and Chef Anna will prepare a replacement before you begin your cleanse.

Anna in the Raw is not a medical professional. Our juice cleanse is not meant to substitute professional medical advice or treatment. During your cleanse, please continue any medications prescribed by your physician. If you are unsure about your body’s readiness for a juice cleanse, please consult your doctor before moving forward.

After you do a cleanse: 

● Slowly start back with juices, soups and move onto raw foods. Keep it simple to start.

● We also offer a program of raw foods to help you progress after a cleanse, so come back!

● No meat or fried foods for at least two weeks. Your body has gotten use to working optimally and it will be slowed down with things that are harder to digest.

● Depending on your cleanse and your goals, we would be happy to design a follow-up program for you.

Ready to start? Get your cleanse here!